6 social media contest giveaway Ideas – More Brand Awareness, Followers

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You want to organize a social media contest to grow your business? But you have no contest giveaway ideas?

There is no doubt that such campaigns can help you build more brand awareness, get more social media followers and build your email list. 

In this article, you are going to learn 6 social media contest giveaway ideas (that can be implemented today). 

Photo Caption Contest (increases engagement, fun, most platforms)

The first type of contest we’re going to discuss is a photo caption contest. This basically means that participants are asked to provide the best or funnies description of a certain photo.

For example, Walmart used this cat photo for such a contest. As you can see it got 9000 comments. What about you how would you caption this photo? 

The main benefit of this type of contest is that it increases engagement in this also entertaining for your audience. what more, you can run it on almost every single social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, etc.  

Vote to win (increases engagement, collecting feedback, most platforms)

People love to be heard. Ask people to vote in the comment section of a post or an Instagram story. Each vote counts as an entry.

For example, in order to run this contest choose several products, display them on a single page or in a single post and allow people to vote for their favourite one. Include a title that reads “The product which gets the most votes will be offered at a 50% discount next week”. 

When the contest ends post the results on your social media, and send an email to every person who participated, and tell them which product won and how customers can get their discount.

This is a clever way to collect feedback from your audience, to increase engagement and possibly make sales. The most suitable social media platforms for this are Facebook and Instagram.

Follow and Share/ Tag (brand awareness + followers, instagram)

The third type of contest we’re going to discuss is a follow and share contest. Now is the time to mention accounts that hold Instagram contests increase their followers 70% faster than accounts that don’t. The main idea of a follow and share contest is that People have to follow your account and share the post with somebody or tag a friend in the comment section.

It helps you both grow your social following and also to increase brand awareness. Obviously, it’s most suitable for Instagram.

Hashtag Contest (awareness, engagement, most platforms)

A hashtag contest is a promotion that asks participants to post on social media using a specific hashtag during a specific time period. Each post that uses the hashtag is essentially an entry into the contest.

For example, Expedia asked people to use the hashtag #throwmeback and to post vacation throwback photos.  This contest lasted 10 weeks and each week winners were announced. Those who won were sent back for free to that same holiday location.

Expedia contest

As a result, Expedia managed to double it’s following on Instagram. What about you? Would you participate in such a contest? Let me know in the comments below.

The main benefit over this type of contest is that you increase engagement, thus loyalty, and you also reach the followers of the people who participate in your contest. This type of social media contest can be run on almost any social media platform.

Chat to win (leads, innovative, facebook)

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular. You can be innovative by creating a chat bot sequence and ask people to answer several questions in order to enter your contest. You can promote it with Click-to-Messenger ads.

Weekly deals made such a contest that people have to click on the Messenger button and answer follow up questions in order to participate to win.

This type of contest will help you get a lot of leads. It’s easy for people to participate, innovative and obviously it’s suitable for Facebook

Enter to win (traditional for leads, all platforms)

The sixth of the contest giveaway ideas is a enter to win contest. This is one of the traditional approaches. You simply ask people for their email address in order for them to participate.

The numerous examples of successful campaigns with this contest type.

If done right, you will benefit by getting a ton of new email subscribers and it’s easily applicable on every single social media platform.

Those were 6 social media contest ideas you can implement today. As a little (or not so little) bonus tip, you can get the benefits of all those ideas at the same time. The only you have to do is use this free software

Don’t forget to comment below which contest idea you like the most.  

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