How to run a Facebook Giveaway – 6 simple steps for maximum results

How to run a Facebook giveaway

Learning how to run a Facebook giveaway can be the easiest and fastest way to grow your social following.  Some people have managed to increase the engagement on their pages by more than 1000%.

This article will cover the 6 key steps for running a successful campaign. 

Step 1: Define your main goal with the giveaway

Why should you even bother running a Facebook contest or giveaway? If you really want to achieve outstanding results, you should a have a clear end goal in mind.  

There are different possibilities. The most popular ones include:
– getting more likes, comments, shares
– sending people to another page. For example, your website
– growing your email list
or to
– growing your Facebook group

Regardless of what you choose, you have to focus on only one of those goals. Otherwise, you will achieve none. 

Step 2: Choose your prize

To put it simply, it has to be both something your target audience really wants and relevant to your business. For example, if you are a travel agency, you should giveaway a free vacation. 

Step 3: What type of contests are there?

The next step is directly related to your main goal – choosing the type of Facebook contest you want to run.

If you want to get more likes, you can run a “Like to win” contest. In this case, the only thing people have to do in order to win is like your Facebook post.

Getting more likes can be helpful but not as much as comments.

If you want to get more comments, you can run a:
– A simple comment to win contest – the only thing people have to do is leave a simple comment
or if you want to make it more interesting
– Caption contest – This basically means that participants are asked to provide the best or funnies description of a certain photo
– Fill-in-the blank contest – you ask participants to complete an unfinished sentence. Let’s stick with the travel agency example. The sentence you give might be something like “If I could go to anywhere right now, I would go to …” (include the image in the video editing)

If you want to get more email subscribers, use an “Enter to Win” giveaway. Basically, you simply collect email addresses from people in order for them to participate.

If you want to grow your facebook group, ask people to join your group if they want to win or just that you will announce the winner in the facebook group.

In case you are struggling to get ideas for a social media contest, I made a special video on the topic. It will definitely help you with some fresh ideas.  

Step 4: Define the contest rules

You should tell people when your contest is going to start, when it’s going to end, what they have to do and how the winner is going to be chosen. Facebook wants you to be clear on this.

There are also several legal requirements by Facebook: 
– You are not allowed to ask people to tag friends and to share your post
– You must mention if there are any age or residency restrictions
and finally
– You must that your giveaway is in no way sponsored by or supported by Facebook

Step 5: How to pick winners?  

The next step is to define how you are going to choose the winners
For the purpose you can use the Facebook Flash Giveaway tool. It picks a random winner from all people who have commented or liked your post.

You are also welcome to check this useful post on the topic.

Step 6: How to run a Facebook giveaway (and promote it like a pro)

You may have created the giveaway but your job is not done yet, you also have to promote it. One way to do this is by using Paid Facebook Ads. This will help you reach your target audience in no time. Just boost the Facebook post about your giveaway.

There are also organic ways to promote your Facebook giveaway:
– banner on all social media channels
– banner on your website
– send an email to your email list

These are the fundamental steps to run a Facebook giveaway. If you want to learn more about viral giveaways, definitely check this platform.  

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